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Cancellation Policy

Cancelling  an order is never our policy unless we confront some unacceptable circumstances. In routine condition, an order is never cancelled because it is not our strategy to give setback to the client. However, there could be multiple situations which may lead cancellation either from service vender or service recipient side.

In Case Order Cancelation Attempt is Made by Service Recipient……

  • It is possible that a client may consider cancellation of an order and there is nothing personal about it. Sometimes, he is compelled to take such action but he must give some good reasons. As such actions may cause us waste of time for us.
  • In this specific situation, cancellation is accepted but the refund is completely depended upon percentage of work completion. A valid reason may also contribute in favor of the client who is looking for refund.
  • There is no guarantee that the client is eligible to get a full refund of his money. Our dispute resolution team would look into the matter and ensure full cooperation with the client to settle the dispute.

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In Case Order Cancelation Attempt is Made by Service Vender……

  • It is not necessary that all cancellations may come only from client side; some may also come from company as well.
  • This kind of situation may go in favor of client in term of refund. On contrary, it may also cause loss to the client as they may expect to receive a completed project.
  • We always try our best to avoid any such situation that may be resulted into cancellation of the order. Yet there could be some uncertain circumstances which may not be avoided.
  • Usually an order suffers cancellation from our side within 24 hours of booking to secure enough time for client.

If There is an Evidence of Policy Violation

We have set proper terms & condition for rendering our services to the client. These terms have been set to protect customers as well company’s reputation. Therefore we expect everyone to respect them.

  • Once a client places an order, we hope he would abide by all the rules and conditions we have mentioned in our Terms & Condition Section.
  • In case of an evidence of policy violation, we have the right to take necessary actions including cancellation of an order with or without refund.

Ignoring All Conditions Mentioned Above, We Reserve the Rights to Cancel Any Order Any Time Without Giving Any Reason At All.