The cases of misconduct of internet users’ privacy have grown to an alarming number within the past few years. Hackers try to steal users’ personal information from the websites especially the ones offering some sort of services. These websites usually maintain contact form, order form, payment gateways and other options.              

Users are usually requested to product their personal and banking information for payment and other purposes. However, no one would like to get their personal data stolen and therefore, one must be rest assured that their information is in safe hands. Eventually, internet users have started taking this matter so seriously and they want assurance for protection.

Understating the concerns of our valued clients, we have put this matter at our top priority.  We have wisely created our privacy statement to ensure our clients 100% privacy protection. Please read the below policy points very carefully:

Purpose of This Privacy Statement

Since everyone takes his or her privacy so seriously, we would like them to know that they are important to us. Putting all doubts aside, they can freely use our services without the fear of any risk to their privacy.  

Information We May Ask Our Users to Produce

When a client visits this website for reviewing or acquiring services, we might request them to product some necessary information.

  • Name

    Though, our users have to provide their name, it is not necessary to produce an original name. For example, if your name is Nick, replace it with Markus or any other name as it does not really matter. What matter the most is protection of your real identity.  

  • Contact

    It is fundamental for us to have our client’s contact details for effective communication during the project. There are two effective ways to connect with client; they can either provide us their active email address or active cell number.                                                       

    Thought, most part of the communication is taken place via email, cell phone number may also be used for urgent and immediate communication. 

  • Country

    On contrary to the name, a geological location may make a difference. Actually, a client who is living in USA might need only US English. Therefore, it is good to know about country of their residence. They may be requested to produce the codes such as postal codes or zip codes of their area.

Information We May Collect Automatically from Users
  • Computer

    Somebody might think why a service provider needs location of a computer system. Well, the answer is pretty simple: to serve our clients in a better way. Usually the information which is automatically collected by the system is IP address as well as type of browser the client uses.

    The only purpose of collecting this type of info is to ensure client’s safety and protection during communication and transaction. The information is never revealed to any third party.

  • Search Queries

    It is important for us to know what a client searches when visiting our website. So whatever keywords or queries you use automatically saved in our system to help you find better search results.

Purpose of Information Collection

The main purpose of collecting information from users in one way or the other is to execute effective strategies. The data is utilized to boost multiple activities including some mentioned below:

  • Quick and effective communication with clients
  • Timely completion of research, writing and editing process
  • Understanding origin of the users and their choices
  • Developing secured payment options
  • Building record of satisfied and unsatisfied clients
  • Making changes to the services for betterment
  • Various other purposes  

Should You Really Trust HelpAssignment.UK?  

HelpAssignment.UK is an absolutely safe and secured place for acquiring online services. You can fill in information in order and other forms with full confidence. Our well developed system gives full guarantee for safety and protection from unauthorized access.