Cambridge’s Thesis Word Limit for Different Degree Programs

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A thesis or as commonly called in some country’s dissertation is a very important academic document. Specifically, it is submitted as a student’s own research work to get a higher academic degree. However, the requirement of writing a dissertation may vary from country to country and institution to institution. Of course, it may also change on the basis of the degree to degree. Therefore, it is crucial for every student to exactly know the requirements including the thesis word limit before even starting research. On the other hand, a large number of students are afraid to meet the thesis word limit, they prefer dissertation writing services.

Word Limit for Cambridge Students

Firstly, if you are a Cambridge student and you have been assigned to write a thesis, you must understand the requirements. Secondly, many students are under the impression that it does not matter if they cross word-limits prescribed by their committee. In fact, they are wrong because they must respect the thesis word-limit, or else their thesis will fail to achieve the objectives. Do you know what it means? Of course, it means total failure in writing a thesis. In other words, if you can’t follow the requirement, you better seek assistance from dissertation writing services

The prescribed word limits are checked out by the Degree Committees as well as Study Board. Therefore, you cannot increase the word limit unless you get approval from the committee. REMEMBER If you don’t respect the limits, your dissertation does not fall under the category of valid submission. Consequently, it will not get examined by the committee unless edited to reduce the length of the text. Just in case, you don’t give importance to the word limit in the initial stage, you will have to spend a lot of time in the later stage.

Statement Confirming Number of Words

When you are ready to submit your thesis to the concerned degree committee, additionally, you have to submit a statement. The statement confirms the number of words in your text. You have to clearly mention that you did not cross the word prescribed limit. After that, your paper will be eligible for examination by the committee. One thing is very clear that the students should always try to write concisely. In addition, they must bring clarity in their ideas and should adopt great interpretation skills. The committees formed for different degrees have clearly given the word limit, length of the text, and of course the formatting style. Therefore, if you hire a writer from dissertation writing services, must provide him with complete instructions. 

Examples of Word Count Limit for Different Subjects

Serial NumberField of StudyMax Word Limit for PhD DegreeMax Word Limit for MLitt or MScGet Permission to Additional words Word Limit Includes Word Limit Exclude 
80 Thousand Words60 Thousand Words Text Table Figues  Images etcAppendices
80 Thousand Words60 Thousand WordsText inside tables 
Business Management
80 Thousand Words40 Thousand Words40 Thousand WordsTables
Text within Table
60 Thousand Words20 Thousand WordsAppendices 
Bibliography  Footnotes
Land Economy 
80 Thousand Words60 Thousand WordsAppendices 

Get An Approval Before Exceeding Word Limit

In most of the Ph.D. degree programs, there is a word limit of 80 thousand words. On the contrary, for MLitt or MSc degree programs the limit is 60 thousand words. When you are assigned a dissertation, you are also given instructions including word limits you have to follow. For instance, you need to increase the limit, make sure to get prior approval before you could increase this limit. 

Likewise, this limit includes text, tables, figures, and images and excludes appendices, cited references, and footnotes. However, the elements of inclusion and exclusion may be in reversed order. Therefore, you must carefully check the details in your instruction manual. Don’t forget to give those detailed instructions to the dissertation writing services you hire.  

Meanwhile, if you need additional word limits to write your thesis in a much clearer way, you must get permission in advance. Moreover, keep in mind that the additional limit may vary from subject to subject. Further, it is also important to mention here that the date for permission to get an additional word limit must be a minimum of 3 months before the final date of submission.

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