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Terms & Condition

This part is an integral section of Help Assignment UK and therefore, we request each and every client to read our “Terms and Conditions” before proceeding further.

This section has been designed to protect the rights of our valued customers. We want to help them take maximum advantage from our unmatchable services.

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Please don’t forget to have a close look at each term and condition mentioned below:

Terms of Service:

As academic assistant, we are here to benefit everyone who visits this website for education purpose.

  • Each and every individual client is given full support in helping him/her meet specific goals and targets. Hence we hope to receive full cooperation from each individual.
  • We recommend them academic sources that might be suitable for them to fetch knowledge for their particular projects.
  • We also provide sample assignment, dissertation, essay and thesis for ideas and these must never be used as a final submission.
  • By filling an order form, a visitor automatically converts into a client and agrees upon all terms and condition of services.
  • Once the order form is submitted by the client, it works as an agreement between the two parties i.e. client and us (as service provider)
  • Immediately, we take an order as our first priority to fulfill the requirement as mentioned by the client in order form.
  • Immediately, we take an order as our first priority to fulfill the requirement as mentioned by the client in order form.

Terms of Revision:

  • On successful delivery of the first draft of the project, we give a relaxing period of 72 hours to the client for revision.
  • The client may review the draft in detail within the relaxing period. There is enough time so one must take time to review it carefully.
  • If everything is in order as per the instruction, leave us a review and give us a chance to thank you.
  • If there are some concerns, feel free to contact us through email or phone number with reference of your project.
  • We allow multiple revisions (depending upon the type of chosen package)
  • If found something against the prior instructions, you don’t have to pay any extra fees as everything will be adjusted free.
  • If you would like to add, delete or change something that was not included in the prior instructions, there might be an additional fee due on client’s part.

Our Responsibility As Service Vender

We provide all types of academic services including research, writing, editing, and proofreading. We mainly work in assignment, dissertation, essay and thesis.

  • Our first and foremost priority is to ensure an absolute satisfaction of each individual client.
  • It is our responsibly to dedicate the services of an experienced and qualified writer.
  • We also take it as our responsibility to get the work done through our writers.
  • Writers serving us should also work as per the instructions submitted by the client in order form.
  • Our customer support team would make sure that the work must be delivered on agreed time period.
  • We as academics provide necessary assistance considering it as our professional obligation; it is beyond our sight, how a teacher treats the work your submitted and therefore, we don’t take any responsibility of this part.

Client’s Responsibility As Service Receiver

  • It is responsibility of the client to produce complete and clear details to ensure a successful completion of the project.
  • In case of some discrepancy occur due to lack of details, the responsibility will go on part of the client.
  • Clients must give clear and full instructions in order form without hiding necessary details.
  • Before fulfilling form, keep information in hand like your projects details, identification and payment sources.
  • Clients are bound to pay fees of the package they choose. (SEEE PRICING IN DETAILS)
  • Once they have chosen a package and confirmed order, the type of package may not be changed. Therefore, it is requested to be very careful before marking a package.
  • Before you apply for a refund in case of any kind of dissatisfaction, we strongly advise our respected client to review REFUND POLICY.

Sole Right

Help Assignment UK  has the sole right to change, add or remove any of the terms and conditions mentioned above