How to Write the Introduction for an Assignment?

An academic assignment has multiple sections and one of them is the Introduction. This is the most important section because it presents the main ideas of the topic and describes the purpose of the assignment. If you are a student in the UK, you must be ready for a number of assignments throughout the year. You may also look for an assignment help service but it is better to understand how to do things personally.
The Introduction is the front-face of the paper giving readers an idea of what they are going to read in detail. Though the major discussion is held in the body section of the assignment, the intro provides pretty enough information about the main discussion. Therefore, you must try to know how to write the introduction perfectly before you start writing. If you acquire an assignment help service, this will put a burden on your budget.

What Should be Included in an Assignment?

Understanding the basic structure of an assignment and what’s included in it would help you write perfectly. When you know the difference between various sections and elements, it becomes easier to identify the information to put in certain sections. Let’s go through five of the most important sections to work on in your assignment:

Assignment Cover Page

Assignment Introduction

Assignment Main Body

Assignment Conclusion

Assignment Conclusion

1: Cover Page

You may create your own page or get an assignment help service for a professionally designed cover page. You have to put very little information on a cover page such as header, assignment title, name of the writer, and your academic institution name.

2: Introduction

Introduction is the main topic of our article and of course we will give more focus on it. An introduction is where you will start your assignment and tell your readers what you will discuss in the body section. So provide only the most important information that reflects the topic. You can also look for cheap assignment online in UK, if you don’t have enough time to create an introduction.

3: Main Body

Once you write the main body, you may be able to write a better introduction because of a good understanding of the topic. In fact, once you have discussed your main points in the body, you are in a better position to pick a few most important lines to write the introduction concisely. Let’s see what you should include in the body:
  • Since the reader comes through the introduction, he develops speculation about what he is going to read in detail. So don’t make him lose the path with unnecessary or irrelevant information.
  • Develop your arguments logically as in this way, you can easily engage your reader with your research. However, if you fail to provide worth-to-read information, you can’t stop your reader from going away.
  • Pay attention to the main issue or problem of the topic and do not lose track. Some students move away from the main problem which will result in a total disappointment for the readers.
  • Use analytical as well as critical skills to write about the main issue. Hence, you should analyze the problem and criticize the reasons.
  • If you acquire an Assignment Help Service, it becomes even easier to use a professional approach about the topic.

4: Conclusion

Unlike the introduction, you don’t have to present any new idea in the conclusion. Basically, this section is a short summary of the points you discuss earlier in the body. So while you are writing the conclusion, keep these points in mind:
  • This section should be short and clear.
  • You must not start a new discussion here.
  • The conclusion must endorse the major discussion in the body.
  • You should give some suggestions to solve the problems.
Inexperienced writers often fail to write a conclusion perfectly resulting in emptiness for the readers. Hence if you don’t know how to write a conclusion, it is better to look for cheap essay online in UK to write an ideal conclusion.

5: References

In this section, you should provide references to every source you have mentioned in your assignment to support your arguments. Providing references will also help you stay away from plagiarism strikes.

What Does an Introduction Have?

According to an expert from a well-known Assignment Help Service, an introduction consists of various elements such as hook, background, purpose and thesis statement, etc.

1: Hook

Basically, you want your readers to go to the main discussion in the body so you must write something that can raise their interest for reading more. In short, you have to grab their attention and the best way to do this is to use something like:

Inspiring quote

Verse from a holy book

Verse from a holy book

Memorable incident



2: Background

Through some light on the significance of the topic and why it is important. Right after the hook, you will produce some background information about the problem and explain it briefly. The size of background info may vary as per the overall length of the assignment. However, it is usually kept short and clear to understand.

3: Connecting Sentence

Most of the writers use a short connecting sentence between the background and thesis. Its simple aim is to create a link between the two elements of an introduction. You may even skip it if writing a short essay.

4: Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the main focal point of your assignment and therefore, you must include it in the introduction. The length of the thesis statement may vary as per the length of the assignment. However, as a general rule, you may include a few sentences with at least 2-3 main points in a 5-paragraph essay.

5: Purpose

Tell the purpose of writing about this topic and what your approach is about the problem. Also, hint what solution you may propose to deal with the problems. Give only a few most engaging points from the main discussion If you still have confusion with the main elements of an introduction, don’t hesitate to avail cheap assignment online in UK.

General Advice to Write Introduction

1: Don't Waste Time

Though an excellent introduction leads the readers to the main discussion, you must limit time consumption in writing it. If you are one of those who don't move forward until fully satisfied with the first step, you may waste a lot of time in writing an introduction. Hence it is strictly advised to limit the time you need for the introduction.

2: Calculate Available Time

Before you start writing, it is better to calculate time slots than how much time you have to spend on the introduction, body, and conclusion. This will help you save a lot of time. If you are afraid of wasting time but can’t afford to spend on quality writing services, you may avail Cheap Assignment Online in UK.

3: Best Time to Write Intro

Some writers feel more confident about creating the introduction after they have completed the body section. In this way, they gain a good understanding of the topic and write the introduction more effectively.

4: Size of the Introduction

The size of the introduction may be increased or decreased as per the size of the assignment. For example, a 40 page assignment may allow a 3-4 page introduction. Besides, the size also depends upon the complexity of the topic.

5: Don't beat about the bush

New writers usually make a very common mistake that they go off the track without realizing the significance of the main topic. Many readers quit reading only because the writer takes a lot of time to come to the main topic of the assignment.

If you are not confident about writing an excellent introduction or assignment, avail cheap assignment online in UK at affordable prices.