Refund Policy

At, we make maximum efforts to ensure an absolute level of customer-satisfaction. In 99% of cases, we achieve success in winning hearts of our valued customers who then remain loyal to us. To achieve excellence in our services, we have hired top researchers and writers. Besides, we have hired some brilliant editors and proofreaders in our team. As part of customer-satisfaction strategy, we have created our Refund Policy and we strongly advise to read these policies.

Do You Refund Customers’ Money When They Make Refund Claim?

Of course, we do. But there are certain conditions and the client must fall into these conditions to be eligible for refund or revision claimer. Main conditions are as follow:

1: You Have Placed an Order Recently (Waiting to Receive Completed Project)

This situation does not fall into customer-satisfaction criteria as you have not received the order and reviewed the quality. This case will directly go into Order Cancellation Process. Therefore, we recommend you read our Cancellation Policy.

2: You Have Received Your Order But Are Not Satisfied with Quality

Before you go for order cancellation or refund claim, we recommend contacting our customer support for revision. You might be having some issued which could be resolved and there is no need for cancellation. For examples:

  • Plagiarism Issues: The copy contains plagiarized content and of course it is not acceptable for you. You can approach customer support for revision rather than refund.
  • Grammatical Issues: There are some grammatical or spelling mistakes. These issues can still be resolved and you don’t have to go for refund.
  • Unfollow of Guidelines: You see that the writer has not followed guidelines you provided, your complaint will be well taken and your issues will be resolved on top priority basis.

3: You See Major Issues in Received Order and These Can’t Be Resolved

On contrary to the above situations, you see that the completed project is total disappointment and waste of time & money. There are major issues which can’t be properly resolved through revision process. For examples:

  • Poor Editing: Editing is not done perfectly and rules are not followed throughout the copy. More than 50% of content has poor editing and it can’t be corrected before the final deadline for submission is over.
  • Issues with Clarity: The information included in paper does not provide clarity for readers. It seems like different paragraphs are mixed together without establishing any logical connection. The Reader finds your paper like a total mess.
  • Inappropriate Images: Along with bad editing, writer has inserted inappropriate or unnecessary images, diagrams, tables and charts. These seem totally unfit with the information provided in paper.
  • Baseless Claims: Claims made within the research do not have any references to prove them true. Writer’s own opinion is included as claim which fails to get any solid resource to prove it as authentic. The same strategy is found throughout the paper.
  • Heavily Plagiarized Content: More than 30% (or allowed percentage) of copy contains plagiarized content. Though the first step would be revision as plagiarism is not acceptable, you can still use it as the basis of your claim for refund.
  • Opinion Against Topic: Writer’s opinion is going against the opinion of your main topic. If you instruct to write in favor of a topic while the writer goes against it, you get the solid reason for your refund claim
  • Receipt After Deadline: In case you receive final version of the paper after the given deadline, you have the right to make a claim. Though, in almost every case, we make sure to complete and deliver the orders before the deadline is over.

Timeframe for Making Refund Claim

If your case qualifies for refund claim, you must make it within below given timeframes:

  • Within 24 Hours of Order Booking: You place an order and cancel within 24 hours due to some reasons. You can make a claim for refund with some strong reasons to support it. The case would be forwarded to dispute resolution team which will decide if you deserve full, partial or zero refund.
  • Within 72 Hours of Order Receipt: Once you receive your order and find above discussed issues, your first step would be revision request which are resolved in 99% of cases. However, if it does not satisfy you, you can make your claim for refund on the basis of quality dissatisfaction.

Approach Dispute Resolution Team   

To ensure good relationship with our customers, we have created our dispute resolution team which looks into every matter. The major responsibility of the team is to make sure that all types of issues resolved amicably without creating any unpleasant situation. If you have any problems, complaints or bad experiences, please feel free to contact our dispute resolution team.