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How it works

How It Works?

Are you ready to avail our essay writing, assignment writing, and dissertations or thesis writing services? That’s great. Let’s have a look at the entire 4-step process:

Step 1

Order Placement

Step 2

Working Process

Step 2

Completion & Delivery

Step 4

Revision or Refund Request

Step 1: Place Your Order

You can easily find “Order Now” Button on top of the page.
On click, a form will appear on your screen:

NOTE: You will be required to fill some personal information, contact information and task related information in the order form. Make sure to include correct and clear information to avoid any kind of ambiguity.

Task Related Information

  • Subject: you can choose subject from the dropdown menu.
  • Document Type: choose essay, assignment, dissertation, thesis or others
  • Quantity: Choose number of words and pages as per your task
  • Quality: Choose a pricing plan such as standard, premium or platinum
  • Deadline: It is very important to choose a deadline that saves you few more days before the submission deadline.
  • Academic Level: Choose high school, undergraduate, masters or PhD
  • Editing Style: Choose from oxford, Harvard, APA, MLA etc as suggested by your instructor
  • Editing Style: Choose from oxford, Harvard, APA, MLA etc as suggested by your instructor
  • References: don’t forget to mention the number of references from books, articles or journals to include in your project.

Once you have included all the information in your order form such as document type, number of words, deadline etc, you will be shown a calculated amount like this:

On confirmation of the order, the customer support team will take care of the necessary steps to ensure a timely completion and delivery of your paper.

Step 2: Processing of the Order

On confirmation of the order, concerned persons will forward the details to the “Research & Writing Department”. The department will assign the work to one of the most suitable writers. The entire process will go into the following way:

  • 1: Research: Search for the relevant material and references from reliable sources
  • 2: First Draft: The writer will begin writing process on different sections of the project
  • 3: Editing: In this part, the entire draft will be review following editing techniques.
  • 4: Proofreading: The final draft will be forwarded to the proofreaders who will make sure that everything is in order.

Step 3: Completion and Delivery

Once the proofreaders approve the final draft of the essay, assignment, dissertation or thesis, it will be ready for delivery.

As per your order instruction, your order will be completed and handed over to you within the deadline period you choose i.e. 4 days, 6 days, 10 days or more or a particular date.

Step 4: Revision or Refund Request

If you are completely satisfied with the work you receive and feel there is no need for revision or refund, this step is not for you.                    

On the other hand, if you feel there are some issues with the work or the work is not as per your requirement, you can make a request for review or refund as per our policies.

Note: Please read our revision and refund policies before lodging your request.

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